Announcing the “Living Faith” book series

01.03.2014 | The Maxwell Institute

At the Maxwell Institute we believe our research initiatives each uniquely contribute to our mission of deepening understanding and nurturing discipleship. Our publications—be they directed to academics interested in the emerging field of Mormon studies, or Latter-day Saints seeking greater understanding of Restoration scripture, or Syriac scholars studying ancient Christian texts, or medieval specialists searching the works of Moses Maimonides—are all intended to promote mutual respect and goodwill among people of all faiths. Good scholarship can play a vital role in commending and defending the faith, even when it is not written by or directly for Latter-day Saints.

But we at the Maxwell Institute also recognize that we are especially situated to provide an outlet for works written by Latter-day Saints to Latter-day Saints—writers who embody the traits of what Elder Neal A. Maxwell has dubbed the “disciple-scholar.” Thus, we are pleased to announce the “Living Faith” book series, which will commend and defend the faith more explicitly than our other publications, while still maintaining the highest academic standards.

Living Faith books are for readers who cherish the life of the mind and the things of the Spirit. Each title should uniquely exemplify faith in search of understanding. Each will contain the voice of a scholar who has cultivated a believing heart while engaging in the disciplines of the Academy. Each will have a unique design to reflect the original voice of its author. There is no set number of volumes anticipated; rather, we hope to create a growing body of books from Latter-day Saints that either reflect on or exemplify the relationship between faith and intellect.

Our first Living Faith book title will be officially announced on Monday, January 6.