Announcement: Brief Theological Introductions to the Doctrine and Covenants

05.17.2021 | The Maxwell Institute

BYU’s  Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship is pleased to announce a new book series, The Doctrine and Covenants: brief theological introductions. The multi-volume series will highlight Restoration  theology and will also be grounded in historical research. The volumes will be released in late 2024, just before the Doctrine & Covenants becomes the subject of the 2025 “Come, Follow Me” curriculum. 

The series builds upon the remarkable contributions of the Joseph Smith Papers, the landmark documentary effort of the Church History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The editors view the series as a partial answer to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s November 2018 apostolic charge to the Maxwell Institute: “[W]e have only begun to mine the wonders of the Joseph Smith Papers. How do we get those gems out to those not of our faith and get them out without compromising their unique Latter-day Saint characteristics?” Writing in a theological vein while also benefiting from the extensive historical work done by past historians, series authors will endeavor to  enrich  readers with this modern scripture’s varied contributions to Latter-day Saint faith. The series will comprise thematic volumes rather than ones arranged chronologically or addressing specific sections from the Doctrine & Covenants. 

Maxwell Institute executive director Spencer Fluhman notes that while much historical scholarship on the Doctrine & Covenants exists, Latter-day Saints tend to be less familiar with its theological contributions. “After all these years, we’re still getting to know the Doctrine & Covenants as a people. We’re excited to have readers come to these revelations with new angles of vision that scholars of faith and insight can provide.” 

General editors:

Spencer Fluhman, Maxwell Institute, BYU

Kate Holbrook, Church History Department


Mason Kamana Allred, Communication, Media, and Culture, BYU-Hawaii

Philip Barlow, Maxwell Institute, BYU

Carter Charles, Church History & Doctrine, BYU 

Justin Collings, J. Reuben Clark Law School, BYU 

Rachel Cope, Church History & Doctrine, BYU 

CarrieAnne DeLoach, History, Rice University 

Amy Easton-Flake, Ancient Scripture, BYU  

Terryl Givens, Maxwell Institute, BYU 

Amy Harris, History, BYU 

Melissa Inouye, Church History Department

Janiece Johnson, Maxwell Institute, BYU

To introduce the initiative and book series, the Maxwell Institute will offer “Exploring the Doctrine & Covenants” events where interested seekers can get a sneak preview of scholars’ insights and engage with their ideas. Following a pandemic and a long year of uncertainty, we look forward to gathering in small numbers and streaming events via YouTube. For updates, watch our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles and subscribe to our YouTube channel and monthly newsletter