About the Maxwell Institute

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deepen understanding and nurture discipleship
among Latter-day Saints and to promote mutual respect and
goodwill among people of all faiths
through the
scholarly study of religious texts and traditions



Brigham Young University’s Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship is an organized research unit on the Provo, Utah, campus. Our scholars (research fellows) focus their study on a select number of sacred and religious texts and the traditions within which they are situated.

Their contributions to religious scholarship include oversight of the following initiatives:

  • William (Bill) Gay Research Chair
    Supports scholarship in fields of study related to ancient scriptures, such as Egyptology and other disciplines and relevant languages.


The Maxwell Institute publishes three scholarly journals and a number of books each year that deal with subjects directly related to our work—titles on the Book of Mormon (including the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies), on the Bible and the ancient world (including Studies in the Bible and Antiquity), and on important medieval Middle Eastern texts. Our contributions to Mormon studies are principally contained in the pages of the Mormon Studies Review.

Some of our titles serve to commend and defend the faith by more directly exploring the relationship between discipleship and scholarship, as in our “Living Faith” series.

Our books are published under the Maxwell Institute imprint, the BYU Press imprint, and jointly with other presses. The University of Chicago Press distributes all of our books that carry the BYU Press imprint, along with a select number of other titles that make significant academic contributions.


We strive for excellence in furthering religious scholarship within the academic world. We hope that our work, particularly on the Book of Mormon and the Bible, will deepen understanding and nurture discipleship among Latter-day Saints. Our work on religious texts important to other religious traditions aims at promoting mutual respect and goodwill among people of other faiths. In all that we do we strive to further the aims and objectives of BYU.

All of the work of the Maxwell Institute is influenced by the man whose name we bear, a man deeply respected among Latter-day Saints and others not only for his poignant and learned writings and sermons but more importantly for his example as a disciple-scholar, something all of us seek to emulate.


Our work is made possible by generous support from BYU, major donors, and subscribers.  In addition, scholars and colleagues around the world (both LDS and those of other faiths) donate their time and effort in helping us to “seek out of the best books words of wisdom, even by study and also by faith” (Doctrine and Covenants 88:118).