Matthew Roper

Matthew Roper is a research associate at the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship.

He received a BA in history and an MA in sociology from Brigham Young University.

Matt has had a long and abiding interest in the Book of Mormon and has published on issues such as warfare, Lehite social structure, interpretations of Book of Mormon geography, and other topics relating to the ancient pre-Columbian setting for the book. He also compiled and is responsible for the Harold B. Lee Library’s electronic collection 19th- Century Publications about the Book of Mormon (1829–1844). His current research and publication efforts focus on questions of Book of Mormon authorship, historical and contemporary interpretations, and the intellectual history of Latter-day Saint scripture.

He is married to Julie (Kane). They live in Provo, Utah, and have five children.


Office: 801-422-8297