#49—The unexpected life of Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, with Bruce Gordon [MIPodcast]

When the Protestant Reformer John Calvin published his book Institutes of the Christian Religion in the 1500s, he couldn’t have anticipated the incredibly different purposes his book would come to serve long after he died and was buried somewhere in an unmarked grave by his own request. The Institutes was a blockbuster[…]

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“How can I be Christian if it doesn’t have any impact on what’s going to happen for African Americans?” (MIPodcast Moments)

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#48—(Almost) all about African American religious history, with Julius H. Bailey [MIPodcast]

What do you know about African American religious history? Julius H. Bailey joins us in this episode to talk about his new overview, Down in the Valley: An Introduction to African American History. Bailey’s book operates on a few different levels. The ground floor contains a general story beginning with African traditional religions. It moves through slavery and […]

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#47—The spiritual lives of America’s “Nones,” with Elizabeth Drescher [MIPodcast]

If you surveyed Americans, asking them to identify themselves as:

A) Catholic
B) Muslim
C) Evangelical
D) Mormon

…and so on, an increasing number will select the very last option—none of the above. […]

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